Unfortunately, there is no universal dosage of THC Products proposed by the experts so you have to find a suitable dosage for yourself. There are multiple factors that can play a vital role in the determination of optimal dosage for a person. These factors include,

  • CBD Strength
  • Method of Delivery
  • Bodyweight
  • Body Chemistry
  • The severity of the medical condition you are going to treat with CBD

Apart from these factors, Cannabidiol (CBD) has a different molecular pathway in different types of human bodies. It means that everyone will experience different effects of CBD according to the above-mentioned factors, hence the optimal dosage will be also different.

In today’s article, we will discuss some important guidelines to calculate the dosage of CBD for different delivery methods. The delivery methods which are used for consuming CBD include, CBD Oil, capsules, tinctures, CBD Oil vaping, CBD Edibles, CBD Infused Gummies, and CBD topical (Lotions and creams). We will guide you about how can you calculate an optimal dosage of CBD for different delivery methods.

CBD Dosage Guidelines to Calculate Dosage for All Delivery Methods

For CBD Oil Vaping

CBD Oil Vaping is now one of the modern and most effective ways of consuming CBD. The electronic device which is used for vaping CBD Oil is known as CBD Vape Pen. CBD Vape Juice or CBD Oil cartridges are some ways of inhaling CBD. Now, the question is how you can calculate an optimal dosage for vaping CBD Oil? First of all, confirm that the product you are buying is designed for vaping. After this, you will try to know the concentration and strength of the product you are using. Generally, it is written on the label of the product. After that, you will check the capacity of your CBD Vape Pen. Some Vape Pens have the capacity to hold CBD Vape Juice from 0.5 mL to 5 ml. As your calculations are completed, you can start vaping CBD Oil. For example, if you want to get 30 mg of CBD dosage, you will fill the tank of your CBD Vape Pen according to it.

For CBD Oil and Tinctures

Oil-based tinctures of THC Gummies are available in the market which are taken sublingually means you will take them under your tongue. You can use a very simple formula to find the exact dosage you are going to take in the form of CBD Oil. For example, if you have a 30 ml bottle of CBD Oil containing 1000 mg of CBD and you want to calculate how many mg present in each ml, you will follow a simple formula given below:

Total mg per Bottle / Total ml of Bottle = Amount of CBD per 1 mL

In the above scenario, the answer will be 33 mg. So, if you take one ml of CBD Oil, you will take 33 mg of CBD. It means, if your dosage is 100 mg, 3 drops of CBD Oil will be enough for acquiring your optimal dosage.

For CBD Edibles and Capsules

CBD Edibles and Capsules, which are usually prone to melting easily (know how to combat this by checking out https://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/what-to-do-if-your-cannabis-edibles-melt/), have almost similar effectiveness because both have to pass through the digestive tract. For this reason, if you calculate the optimal dosage of CBD Edibles, you can use it for CBD Capsules as well. The delivery method is highly beneficial from a dosage perspective because a predetermined dosage is present in them. It means each capsule of CBD will have a fixed amount of CBD.

Now, if you want to calculate your CBD Dosage in the form of CBD capsules or edibles, you have to calculate the mg present in each of the capsules. For this, you can use the following formula:

Total Amount of CBD Present in the Bottle / Total Number of Capsules = CBD in milligrams per Capsules

For example, if a bottle of CBD Capsules has a total amount of CBD of 60 milligrams and contains 20 capsules, each of the capsules contain 3 mg. So, if you have to take 18 mg daily, 6 capsules of CBD will be enough.

For CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are products that are specially designed for external use. CBD Topicals include lotions and creams. Generally, there is no issue of dosage calculation with CBD Topicals because you don’t have to ingest them. You just have to apply them on the site of injury or painand rub until you start feeling relief. However, according to the doctor’s recommendation, you can use them after a specified time such as after 12 hours or 24 hours, etc.

The role of bioavailability in the Dosage calculation

Bioavailability is the amount of CBD Edibles provide by each of the delivery methods. Each CBD delivery method has its specific bioavailability. It is actually the CBD contents that are absorbing in your bloodstream. The bioavailability associated with each of the delivery method of CBD is as follows:

  • CBD Capsules and Edibles = 5-15%
  • CBD Tinctures = 20-30%
  • CBD Topicals = 35-40%
  • CBD Vapes = 40=50%

So, you must consider the bioavailability when you calculate your CBD Dosage because the equal concentration of CBD will provide different effects if the delivery method is different. For example, if you vape 10 mg of CBD Oil, you will get higher effects and benefits than taking 10 mg of CBD in edibles forms due to the high bioavailability associated with the CBD vaping delivery method.

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