There’s nothing worse than looking at a bank statement only to find you are in the red or close to it. Fortunately, you could soon be seeing green with our helpful tips that can help you boost your bank balance.

Whether you are saving up for a holiday, want to pay off some debts or simply hope to see an influx of cash in your bank account, we can provide the tools you need to help improve your finances.

Create a Budget

Have you got a money saving plan in place? Well, you should have, because this could be the difference between having money to spend or money to find.

You should start by setting a savings goal. Identify how much money you would like to have in your savings account by the end of 2017, and add an amount into your bank account each week or month like it is a bill.

If you’re in debt, consider a debt consolidation plan or overpay a bill so you can say goodbye to this annoying financial obligation as soon as possible.

Voucher Codes

It’s seriously surprising how many shoppers fail to use voucher codes. From online shopping to dinner with friends, you can save a significant amount of money by taking a few minutes out of your day to find a handy voucher code.

Whether you are looking for a 50% discount code for your favourite pizza place, or want to shave a considerable amount off the price of a new top, you should turn to a website like to pay a fraction of the RRP.

Start Haggling

Do you often accept a price at face value? Many people do, unfortunately. You should try to practice the art of haggling to pay considerably less on a one-off or regular bill. So, ring up your TV provider and negotiate a new deal, or ask for a discount on an item when shopping in store.

Browse the Market

We’re all guilty of accepting the first website we find at the top of Google, or accepting an expensive price in a supermarket. Unfortunately, this kind of customer behaviour will only lead to one thing: the draining of your finances. You may as well have placed your money down the drain – because that overpriced item is probably so much cheaper elsewhere.

So, start browsing the market as much as possible. For example, you could use a comparison website like Only Reviews to find the best deal for your needs and budget. So, go online and look at a better rate for that summer holiday or expensive car insurance. The more resourceful you become, the more money you will have in your bank account.

Cut Back on Your Bills

We bet you wish you could cut back on your bills, right? Well, what if we said you can? All you need to do is become a little more economical. For example, take a shorter shower, swap the central heating for a blanket and dry your clothing on the line over the expensive tumble dryer. You know it makes sense.

Author: Katie

Katie is a finance specialist with one of the biggest firms in London. From savings to investments, there’s nothing she can’t advise on and she’s here to help spread the word and help you on your way to financial freedom.

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