Whoever believes that in order to make their brand stick out, they have to allot a heft marketing budget for costly advertising and promotions doesn’t really know the power of a pen. Every marketing effort doesn’t have to be the expensive. Years from today, the idea of promotion using the promotional pens was considered a million-dollar start-up. Wait; was only a pen enough to win someone over? Now that there are Promotional Branded Food Truck, and various digital marketing methods, this simple way of promotion might look too basic. You may, however, be amazed to know that such a small gesture was enough to set companies apart from their competitors and sad because the tactic is almost dead. Be

Dead? Said who?

This piece will cover how this small promotional gesture can help brands reach out to a wider audience and trigger brand recall without difficulty.

Why promotional pens as gift?

All advertising activities are directed towards a single goal –aware customers about your brand’s presence in the market. But do you know, promotional pens serve a much bigger purpose?


If we were to closely study human nature, we would discover that man has always been greedy. We function on the principles of give and take. We do things for others expecting a favour in return. Isn’t that the whole premise on which all sales are made? Customers buy from a brand expecting favour in the form of marginal utility. They pay so that they can get something in return. If the product or service was satisfactory, only then they would become loyal towards the brand. Promotional pens offer the same. They assist one in writing, which is one of the things most of us do every day. But that is not all, promotional pens also:

Increase Brand Recognition Exponentially

As slog as your customers or clients are exposed to the promotional pen, it will stay in their mind. Any brand recognition strategy involves ensuring that the brand’s name gets maximum exposure. This exposure is achieved when the client or customer uses the pen over and over again. Promotional pens assists in brand recall on a daily, hourly or a minute-to minute basis.


Unlike other gift items, promotional pens are also dependable. When you choose a high-quality pen to place our brand’s logo, name and message on it, it can last for up to many years.

Elegant giveaways:

Companies who don’t want to go overboard with their budget, yet wish to give their employees, customers and clients something elegant and worth-remembering, there is nothing better than a promotional pen to gift them as a token of appreciation. They will serve as reminders, making your customers clients and employees feel valued and cared for. This will soon translate in better performance from employees, satisfactory relationships with client and loyalty form consumers.

Cost Efficient:

Another perk is their diversification. Because they come in hundred different sizes shapes and colours, brands have a number of choices to pick from. The ease of customization and the myriad choices are great for every company’s stature –no matter how big or small. Everyone will find something that won’t bust their budget.

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Author: Katie

Katie is a finance specialist with one of the biggest firms in London. From savings to investments, there’s nothing she can’t advise on and she’s here to help spread the word and help you on your way to financial freedom.

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