Living Money

Day to day life and your incomings are the key to personal finance success and living every day as a finance superstar can help to catapult you to new heights of money security. There are a few ways to enhance your money lifestyle, but here are the big ones. Try them out, live a while and don’t forget to live a little. Scrimping and saving and investing is all very well and good, but don’t forget to live your life and live fruitfully yet frugally.

Monetise Your Talents

Nifty with a nib? Clever with a camera? Turning your hobbies into a cash flow is easy if it’s one that is already has a commercial base. Freelance writing can provide a steady flow once you build up a reputation and there are lots of sites where writers advertise their talents. There’s also lots of people selling content and copy VERY cheap, so you’ll have to stand out and build up to charging more than $7 a piece. If your camera is high quality and you can compose editorial worthy images then look into stock photo sites and earn money every time someone downloads one of your images. Have a look at your hobbies and ask yourself: would someone pay for this? If the answer is yes, then scour the web for sites that act as a middle man for your services, or blast out on your own and sell through social media or your own site.

freelance writing

Ask for Pay Rise

If you’ve been with your employer for a while now and feel like your efforts are being appreciated financially, it may be worth asking if you’re due a pay rise.This is a tricky question to ask, so tread carefully. Assess the work that you actually do and evaluate your worth to the company, if you feel your work greatly outweighs your wage then it may be worth a re-evaluation of your salary. Come prepared with evidence and sound logic if you hope to have any chance, but anything is worth a shot.

Scrutinise Your Tax Code

It’s estimated that thousands of people are in the wrong tax banding, grossly overpaying on national insurance and PAYE. If you’re not comfortably looking at the figures and codes yourself, then invest in an accountant to evaluate the situation properly. Be wary though, an investigation into your tax coding can also result in you having to pay back what you owe if you’ve been paying too little.

Buy Wisely

This ties into both saving and spending money, but in day to day life, think about everything before you purchase. Ask yourself if you need it, ask yourself if it is going to last, ask yourself if it is WISE.

buy wise

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