Spending Money

Spending money may be the complete opposite of what you want to do, but sometimes, spending money in the right place can offer a great return in the long run. You may not be an investment whizz so consider looking into a broker or consultant to guide you in the right direction. If you want to make a go of it for yourself then here are the places that I think your money will be best invested.

Commercial Property

Buy to rent has come a long way from dodgy landlords and half-arsed owners. It’s a solid and beneficial business model for developers to sell off units in office spaces, hotels, and residential properties to owners. The way it works is — they buy valuable buildings built with the help of trustworthy commercial contractors and manage them. You can reap a portion of the benefits by investing in a unit of the building. It’s so simple and if you can gather the money for the initial investment, can be a way of supporting your lifestyle. Look into companies that are fairly new to the market and are throwing up buildings left, right, and center. Chances are, they’ll be doing so because they have investors just like you snapping up the chance to be a part of a new and expanding business.

Private Property

This is more just for you and is a way to build up your asset collection for a long-term view of financial goodness. In simple terms – buy a house. It’s a big purchase. Probably the biggest you’ll ever make in your life, so it’s going to take time and you have to get it right. This means you need to not only think about whether to look for 4-bedroom houses or Ranches for sale, but also about how much house you can actually afford. By using my saving money tips, they can help you to work your way towards a deposit and do anything you can to get on the property ladder. It’ll be an investment for your future and who wouldn’t want their own little slice of heaven that belongs just to you?

However, remember that buying a house needs a lot of time and effort. It is not something, that can be done in a blink of an eye. You have to carefully inspect the property and see if it is worth the investment. For instance, if you buy a house on a whim just because it looked good from the outside, you may not be able to find the shortcomings in the property at that time. However, later you may find that is infested with mold in the basement and other parts. If that happens, you may then be required to use extra funds to hire mold damage restoration services. However, if you inspect the selected house carefully, you may discover issues like the one mentioned above earlier, which might help you to dodge these extra expenses.

buy a house


Stocks are a tricky thing to get to grips with and I wouldn’t recommend this route of investment for the faint-hearted. The stock market is a cruel mistress and she can make or break you in a second. Just look back to the stock market crash and see how it brought the world to its knees in the space of a few hours. Do your research properly here and start small – I cannot stress this enough. Throughout your research, you may want to think about taking the time to invest in defensive stocks (in defensive Aktien investieren) in order to offer greater security should the event of a stock market crash happen again. This will benefit you in the long run. Do not just dive in headfirst with all your hard-earned savings, that’s the ultimate recipe for disaster and will cement your demise. Tread lightly and invest in an advisor to help you get started.

stock market

Back a Business

There are thousands of people every day who begin their journey as an entrepreneur. All looking to follow their passion and make a buck while doing it. You know what else these people need? Start up money. Crowdfunding sites are a great place to start to back a small and upcoming business. If they’re serious about their venture, you’ll get a return when they start making a profit and is a much better investment policy than simply getting a freebie or a t-shirt in return. There’s no end to the projects on crowdfunding sites so trawl through them all to find one that has a realistic and secure business proposal, as well as setting out timeframes for ROI and potential earnings.

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